Art IS Education Month 2015


Art IS Education is an annual, month-long showcase demonstrating the power of youth learning in and through the arts. Each March, during National Arts Education Month, schools, school districts and community arts organizations participate in Art IS Education, where students have opportunities to share the process through which they have learned new skills, solved problems, taken risks, and persisted through obstacles, in order to express their ideas through art.

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The Art IS Education 2015 theme Inspiring Creative Communities is an invitation for:

  • Your students to tell their story about the role creativity plays in their lives to connect, inspire and make positive change in their community.

  • You to share your story about how arts learning has inspired your classroom community and impacted your broader community.

  • Everyone to experience the voice, vision and possibility of our youth through arts learning.

Consider using the theme as a starting point to help inspire student visions of how the arts help us explore and express our role in our community. The theme is deliberately broad so that everyone across the county can choose to explore it in their own creative way to encourage youth empowerment through art.

Join us for Art IS Education 2015! View the flyer.

Check out the video about Glenview Elementary in Oakland, CA for an example of how the arts can inspire the creativity of a school community while addressing student needs! 

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Plan an arts learning event at your school or community site! Tools and templates are available to help you create your own Art IS Education event!

-       Use step-by-step guides and templates to plan and promote an event in your school or community.

-       Learn about Studio Habits of Mind as a way to build a common language with students, parents and colleagues.

-       Use Making Learning Visible techniques to reveal the learning happening in your classroom. 

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What is an Art IS Education event?
Events include presentations of visual and performing arts created by K-12 students with a public gathering at a school or community site during March in Alameda County. It could be a work in progress, a hands-on experience or workshop, or a celebration of completed artwork with parents and the school community. These events create a way for students to share with their community what they are learning in and through the visual and performing arts. 

Alameda County Library is presenting 250 free arts events at all 12 locations. 

How do you make your event an Art IS Education event?
Connect it to the Art IS Education countywide celebration by naming it an Art IS Education event and posting it on the Creative Impact calendar. It’s that easy!  Also, use the calendar as a way to find out what is happening across Alameda County.

Share What Your Student Create!
We'd like to share with the countywide community what you and your students create! Email about featuring your artwork on this website, or submit your story here

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Take Action

Parents, students, and community members hold the keys to helping school districts develop meaningful Local Control and Accountability Plans! You can get involved in the LCAP planning process and help to make sure that the arts are a central part of education for every child, in every school, every day. 

Find out more about the LCAP process in your school district and get involved!


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Art IS Education 2015 partners include: Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership, Alameda County Office of Education, Alameda County Arts Commission, New Beginnings and 100 Families Alameda County, Alameda County Library, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.

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