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NAEA presents Interactive Webinar on Studio Habits: An Introduction to Studio Thinking

Kick-start your back-to-school learning! This important webinar introduces Studio Thinking and the eight studio habits of mind, which describe the thinking skills and attitudes that help students learn to think authentically as artists.
The Studio Thinking framework names what you already know happens in your art classroom, and grounds choice-based arts methods like TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Learn to guide your students to make decisions about what engages and challenges them personally. Walk away with tools to support authentic teaching of Studio Thinking—the skills and attitudes that help students learn and develop the internal lenses needed to think as artists.

Presenter: Lois Hetland, EdD
Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Art Education
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Lois Hetland, Professor of Art Education and Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Art Education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is a teacher, cognitive psychologist, researcher, and vocalist and visual artist by training. Hetland taught preK-12 students for 17 years, conducted research at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education from 1994-2010, and now teaches art education to undergraduates, graduate students, and practicing educators. Her research addresses arts cognition and professional practice in educational settings. Hetland is co-author of Studio Thinking from the Start: The K-8 Art Educator’s Handbook (2018), and Studio Thinking2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education (2013, 2nd Edition), and she consults frequently across the United States and internationally on arts education, arts-integration, and arts assessment. 

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