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About Art IS Education

Art IS Education is an annual month-long showcase of arts learning in Alameda County schools and community sites in March during National Arts Education Month. This year's theme "Creative Connections"  provides the opportunity for students, teachers, parents, arts organizations and business people to build creative connections in support of the Alliance for Arts Learning Leaderships 5-year community plan to ensure learning in and through the arts for every child, in every school, every day.

Each March during National Arts Education Month, schools and communities present student learning through the arts and workshops for youth and families at schools, libraries and community sites. The events are opportunities to experience the power of the arts in learning, and build understanding of the importance for every child, in every school, every day.

Art IS Education Month is demonstrating the power of youth learning in and through the arts. Where students have opportunities to share the process through which they have learned new skills, solved problems, take risks, and persisted through obstacles, in order to express their ideas through art. Participate year-long by looking through the events on our calendar! 


Our Belief Statement

We believe that the core value and purpose of the educational system is to build a healthy and equitable society. Education endeavors to do this by creating and providing equitable opportunities for students to become healthy, knowledgeable citizens - conscious, informed, respectful and engaged - prepared to deal with and influence change, and to contribute to a diverse, interdependent, community. Schools provide learning environments for students to develop tools and life skills to dispel ignorance, to see what is, and to imagine what's possible. These tools and skills will allow them to realize their potential and that of the community and society.